Tasty chicken hodgepodge cooking to feed 600 kids & villagers. It is really very big arrangement. Total 120 KG rice & 20 KG Pulses & 40 KG chicken were cooked to feed village peoples & their family member as well.

This big arrangement were manage in the mosque empty places and my full villages male member were participate to cooked & serve the food.

And food were serve by packets to family all member. All male member take the food to home to eat with all member. 

This food cooking credit goes to my village peoples. I just donated small amount of money as charity work of Dorojati Kholo channel & all the others work done by village peoples. And also some money donated by rich village peoples as well.

Before cooking all the masala prepared by village women & cooked by my uncle and serve by villagers.

We give lot of effort to make this kind big food arrangement video. So if you like share our videos it will be your donation. And join with  us by just clicking subscribe button. Thanks.

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